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    Accelerate your

    digital transformation via

    the Distributed Delivery model

  • What is

    Distributed Delivery?

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    Digital Transformation accelerates needs for innovation. In every industry customer expectations evolve and new entrants benefit from widening gaps.

    Delegate developments to re-focus

    on core strenghts

  • Distributed Delivery model in 4 steps

    Where both startups and corporated benefit from acceleration


    Analyze roadmap & extract utilities

    Extract together non-core capabilities to re-focus on core business strenghts


    Identify & select best startups

    Freshlime identifies most performing solutions and you make your selection


    Accelerate delivery while re-focusing

    Startups are accelerated. They adapt their solutions to your environment


    Converge towards production

    Freshlime continuous coordination ensures native alignment (tech & regulatory)

  • Freshlime value proposition

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    Startup scouting & selection is only the beginning. Acceleration is core value

    Acceleration methodology is Freshlime core competence.

    Freshlime ensures constant alignment between developments and requirements, considering a complex set of constraints, from culture to IT legacy and regulation.

    Acceleration goes both sides, where startups deliveries and corporate inputs & validation are fast-paced.

    Freshlime brings pace and methods to your organization to reach startup speed and culture.

  • Deep marketing: capture socio-ethno trends

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    Mega-trends impacting your performance

    Freshlime identifies trends having an impact on your industry. Socio-ethno trends deeply affect customers' behaviors and their decision drivers.


    Freshlime assists you in repositioning your offerings and client journeys within this new context. Through workshops, we map together your assets and derive specific SWOT to extract pragmatic opportunities.


    For chosen opportunities, Freshlime will co-design prototyping projects with you and early-test decision drivers with your teams and clients.